28 October - 15 November 2015
Honoré / Galerie RueVisconti, Paris

Adad Books' editors, Alix Janta and Inès de Bordas, are invited by Honoré to present works from their latest publications: Abstracts by AM Projects and Horizon Icons by Chris Shaw. The exhibition is part of the festival Photo Saint Germain and coincides with Paris Photo. 
   Abstracts by AM projects, photograph by © Grégoire Eloy
Abstracts by AM projects, photograph by © Grégoire Eloy
California California by Chris Shaw and Nicolas Silverfaden, photograph by © Grégoire Eloy
Chris Shaw' series Horizon Icons in the show California California, photograph by © Grégoire Eloy


12 - 25 May 2015
Copperfield Gallery, London

  Left: Daisuke Yokota, Right: Tiane Doan na Champassak

Adad Books is pleased to announce Abstracts, a special exhibition to coincide with both Photo London (Somerset House) and Off Print London (Tate Modern). Abstracts is a collaboration between the photographic collective AM projects and independent publisher Adad Books. Conceived as an extension of Abstracts published with Adad Books, it is the first exhibition of AM projects in London and includes works by five members of the collective: Antony Cairns, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Olivier Pin-Fat, Ester Vonplon and Daisuke Yokota.

The exhibition presents various examples of abstractions created through photography and photographic processes. Exploring the possibilities of the photographic medium, each artist produces abstract results in different ways: some are camera-less experiments with chemicals and photographic paper, while some rely on close-ups, details and fragments of images whether the body, the natural world or urban landscapes.

Abstracts is curated by Adad Books co-founders Inès de Bordas and Alix Janta-Polczynski with the support of William Lunn from Copperfield, London.

For more information:

Installation view of Abstracts at Copperfield Gallery, central piece by Antony Cairns


12 - 18 October 2013
17 a Riding House Street London W1W 7DS

To follow the release of the publication FAR by Emile Hyperion Dubuisson, Adad Books is pleased to present an exhibition of Dubuisson's egnimatic series of photographs from the early 1990s.

FAR is a series of previously unpublished photographs which was made in Siberia in the early 1990s by Dubuisson, who was working as assistant director in a film crew shooting a documentary about the former Soviet Union. Challenged by the extreme conditions, filming was difficult and Dubuisson began taking pictures with a small all-weather camera around the villages in the Yamal Peninsula where gas workers, scientists and local reindeer herders lived and worked. On his return to Moscow, Dubuisson struggled to process his film and believed his negatives to have been damaged beyond repair. It is only recently that he returned to this material and has finally been able to produce photographic prints. The resulting images offer a strange, poetic vision of the bleakness of Siberia evoking its remoteness in both time and space through a combination of Dubuisson’s singular scenes of sub-zero life and the unintentional effects of the passage of time and the photographic process. As Boris Mikhailov writes in his foreword to the book:

"Everything here reminds me of the cold, of life without a fridge; and the terrible smoke, which covers the sky...I also see traces of dust and fingerprints, which tell a story of their own."

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson was born in Paris in 1975 and lives and works in New York. After obtaining a degree in Film Studies at University of Paris 8, he worked as assistant director of photography on a number of feature films and documentaries. In 2007, Dubuisson moved to New York where he studied and later worked at the International Center of Photography. Dubuisson’s work has been exhibited internationally and recognised by major photographic prizes such as Foam Talent, Center Santa Fe, and Hyères Festival.

FAR is curated by Adad Books co-founders Inès de Bordas and Alix Janta-Polczynski in collaboration with Marina Kurikhina and kindly supported by Maria B.
Adad Books at Tokyo Photo 

27-30 September 2013
Zojoji Temple

Adad Books is pleased to present the series FAR by Emile Hyperion Dubuisson for the first time in Japan from 27th to 30th of September at Tokyo Photo. To coincide with the fair' special exhibition 'Picture from Moving Cars' curated by Simon Baker, we wil be releasing a publication of the same title (limited edition of 3oo with 3 different covers) with a selection of works from the exhibition by John Divola, Joel Meyerowitz and Daido Moriyama.